We offer-Men Golf Knickers that are attractive-confortable-affordable-fun to wear. Our Tailored Golf Knickers are manufactured in the USA by skilled American workers who produce Quality Golf Knickers. We offer Microfiber Golf Knickers -Polyester/Cotton Tartan golf Knickers-Tartan Wool Golf Knickers> Children Golf Knickers

Why wear Golf Knickers.They are funny looking-Out of style-noone is wearing them-Golfing buddies will tease-they don't improve your game. Our Golf Knicker Outfits are comfortable-attractive-Color Co-ordinated with matching shirt-caps-socks. Your buddies will be admiring the well dressed golfer.Our Microfiber Golf Knickers are light weight-washable with expandable waistband made with an American fit>American pride

Our tradition golf Knickers have velcor closure(not elastic) for comfort>easily adjusted.When wearing golf knickers you are following the apparel worn by the legendary golfers-Ben Hogan-Gene Sarcene-Payne Stewart-Tom Morris of Scotland. Golf Knickers may not improve your game-but you will look great>fell like a winner

Select your perference from the large quantity of styles at

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