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The sport of golf had been played for centuries, but the 1920s saw the creation of golf fashion. Golfers not only wished to play well but to appear dashing and stylish. They quickly adopted the new plus fours, which were not only in high style but also had extra length that gave athletes more room to move than previous Golf Knickers. The fashionable golfer of the 1920s wore plus fours with argyle knee socks and a pullover sweater.

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Payne Stewart, a Champion in Golf Knickers His golf knickers and tam o'shanter cap certainly made Payne Stewart one of the most recognizable players in golf. His game and his passion made him one of the most respected. He was the essence of emotion in the Ryder Cup, playing on three winning teams always wearing Golf Knickers. He won 18 times around the world, but made his name at home with three major championships. the last on an unforgettable day in June when he thrust his fist into the air to celebrate his second U.S. Open victory wearing a stylist Golf Knickers outfit.

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Our tradition golf Knickers have Velcro closure(not elastic) for comfort |easily adjusted. When wearing golf knickers you are following the apparel worn by the legendary golfers-Ben Hogan-Gene Saracen-Payne Stewart-Tom Morris of Scotland. Golf Knickers may not improve your game-but you will look great |feel like a winner

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